Programme March 4, 2016

 Check out the programme of the 2015 edition.

Update! Some of the presentations are available, see below.

The JSIam takes place in three steps:

Morning session: talks by industry representatives & debate – 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

During this session, up to five invited industry veterans from companies specialized in distinct fields will give a talk about the role and the impact of doctors in their companies. The presentations will be followed by a discussion in two steps: a time-slot will be given to the industry visitors to respond to various questions previously asked by researchers and posted by them on our website, and attendees will afterwards be able to interact directly with the speakers. Please note that all talks will be delivered in English.


 Mid-day session: Midi-MINATEC, 12:30pm-2:00 pm

Part 1:

For the first time ever, we invite the theatre to Midi Minatec! During this part, professional comedians will play out several typical scenarios of PhDs and post-doc fellows hired in industry: from the job interview to the 1st meeting. You will be asked to watch the scenes played by comedians, give your opinion and act out your own version!

Part 2:

Poster discussions during lunch (We have reached the number limited of poster displayed in Maison MINATEC. It’s not possible anymore to bring your CV-poster. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

During the lunch time, young researchers will be able to meet interested professionals, hand them their CVs and discuss around their posters while enjoying free sandwiches. The best three CV-posters will be awarded with a mp3 player waterproof.

To be eligible to present a CV-poster, bring a colleague! As soon as a pair of PhD and/or post doc is registered, you will be confirmed the possibility to display a CV-poster, in Maison MINATEC during the JSiam. The 3 best posters will be rewarded on the following criteria : ability to promote your research project, to highlight the skills developed & to demonstrate your enthusiasm to join industry!

Afternoon session: round tables – 2:15 pm-4:45 pm

During the afternoon, several round-table topics involving professional experts will be hold (2 sessions of one hour each). Researchers will have opportunities to get answers to their questions. They will be to ask for advices and opinions pertaining to their industrial or scientific CV for corrections or fine-tuning.

  • « The thesis: 3 years to build your professional project »
    Claude Chapelier, PhD, Senior researcher at INAC-CEA  CEA_Gren_logotype
  •  » Get ready for your CV and your talk with your future employer » POLE_EMPLOI_quadri
     Pole Emploi Cadres- sessions held in French