Programme 2014

The JSIam takes place in three steps:


Morning session: talks by industry representatives & debate

Speakers (click on their names to see their presentation):



During this session, up to four invited industry veterans from companies specialized in disctinct fields will give a talk about the role and the impact of doctors in their companies (all slides will be in English). The presentations will be followed by a discussion in two steps: a time-slot will be given to the industry visitors to respond to various questions previously asked by researchers and posted by them on our website, and attendees will afterwards be able to interact directly with the speakers. Please note that all talks will be delivered in English.



Mid-day session: Midi-MINATEC, Video clips and Poster

  • Part 1: Video clips screening

Young researchers will have 15 seconds to convince the industry professionals to look at their posters and CVs during a special edition of « Midi MINATEC ».

  • Part 2: Poster discussions at lunch time

During the lunch time, researchers will be able to meet interested professionals, hand them their CVs and discuss around their posters while enjoying free sandwiches. At the end of lunch time, the best three video clips will be awarded attractive prizes.



Afternoon session: round tables

During this last session, several round table sessions involving professional experts will take place. Researchers will have opportunities to get answers to their questions. They will be also able to ask for advices and opinions pertaining to their CV to see if it needs any major correction or fine-tuning.


This years’ round-table topics will be:

  • Pôle Emploi : « Get ready for your CV and your talk with your future employer » (round table available in French only/atelier en français)
  • Guillaume Bouchard, Xerox: Maths & Industry
  • Isabelle Schuster, ABG – L’intelli’agence: exploring your job market / networking tips and tools
  • Interactive round-table with GEM master in entrepreneurship students

This last round-table follows an innovative concept and format: one hour interactive game between PhD students in science and Master students from an entrepreneurship program. The basic idea is to create the business concept based on scientific expertise/technology and present it in a short timescale. It will force participants to think differently about scientific achievements and their implementation in real life. The game gives the opportunity to come up with new ideas and find inspiration and connections for your own start-up.