#Doc4Office flyer competition & speednetworking

The Junior Scientist and Industry annual meeting is your opportunity to build your first connections in the professional networks of industry, startups and consulting.

But how do you stand out from the crowd?

Leave your slides, cover letters and academic CV* behind… and enter the #Doc4Office contest!

You’ll need to prepare a pamphlet and work the field as if you were running for « best Doc in town ». Seeing your flyer will help the people you meet remember you. We’ve made templates that are easy to fill in on PowerPoint. But if you are feeling creative, you’re more than welcome to make your own!

Prizes of +€500

Competition rules and guidelines to be shared soon

  • Create your flyer and send it to jsiam.giant@cea.fr by Sunday, March 13th (in .pdf only).
  • Print a few copies and bring them to the event.
  • The professional attendees will vote for the best 3 entries, i.e. the 3 people they’d want to meet and could interview or work with**. They will be staying for lunch, so take the opportunity to campaign!
  • The vote will take place during the whole day until 3:30pm.
  • The top 3 will have the opportunity to pitch their poster during 1 min at during the contest award ceremony at 4:30pm. After a final vote, they will receive their prize.
  • We may also have special prizes for the best concept and so on… to reward creativity and originality!

If you registered for the speed-networking session, you HAVE to enter the contest and send your flyer to jsiam.giant@cea.fr by Sunday, March 13th to validate your registration. Send it in .pdf to ensure the fonts you use won’t be affected on a different device. The pamphlet will make an excellent conversation starter with the industry speed-networkers!

If you haven’t registered for this session, you can still enter the competiton and meet them during lunch.

#Doc4Office pamphlet tips

  • On your flyer you can showcase your skills, know-how, personality… anything you can bring to the table in a job after leaving academia. It is your best first impression packaged in a pamphlet.
  • Do not try to fit all of your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, expertise and publications on one flyer, but select what describes you best and makes you stand out professionally (and why you’re the best Doc out there). You may even choose not to mention your thesis topic!
  • Download the pamphlet templates prepared by our GJA team member Ji-Hyun to help you find your creative flow – but feel free to create your own from scratch!
  • Here’s an example from another of our GIANT Junior Ambassador Lucie.

*Bringing a CV formatted for industry at JSIam is STILL a good idea
**Regardless of their backgrounds and fields